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New Pathways for Ostrich Leather

From all the roads that lead to Rome, many fashion highways run further north towards Milan, the world capital of clothing and leather fashion.

Milan is considered the hotbed where novel ideas are conceived and given life to by designers possessed by a passion for taste.

To feed this craving for fresh, innovative creations, the South African Ostrich Business Chamber, in collaboration with the Domus Academy, introduced master students in fashion and accessories design to South African ostrich leather.

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The Soul Of The Klein Karoo

Without doubt, one of the most picturesque parts of South Africa is the Klein Karoo.Forget about Mick Jagger singing about getting his kicks on Route 66. There are far more kicks to be had sightseeing on Route 62, the road that winds its way through the Klein Karoo with mountains on either side.

My wife and I took our old Land Rover Discovery (the one where the spare wheel is prominently displayed on the back, not discretely underneath) down to the Western Cape from Johannesburg.

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